Friday, June 6, 2008


Well, my PCP certainly did redeem himself. I guess I just need to get used to his style of doctoring. He's not a warm, fuzzy feeling kinda guy. Just give me the facts, m'am! He took notes and he did understand what I wanted because he has already addressed my concerns.

Yesterday I got a script for liquid calcium (however, my pharmacy cannot find this product available for them to order and they changed it to chewable calcium, over the counter). This is for my problems with swallowing.

My doctor's assistant has already sent off a request to my insurance to authorize a swallowing study.

And today, I got a copy of the letter written by him and sent to the insurance company requesting that they reconsider and allow me to have an inversion table for therapy at home. He recorded that Dr. B had firmly stated that I am to avoid a car accident (though there is one error in my PCP's letter, in that he says I am to avoid "another" car accident, when in truth, I've never been in one). at all costs.

So, I'm thankful. He addressed these things before the end of the week and that is also commendable.

I am doing much better with swallowing since a nurse friend online shared with me some tips to avoid the "food stuck in the back of the throat" scenario. I'm crushing my calcium up in an antique, cast iron mortar-and-pestle and mixing that with applesauce. It works well, actually.

But my Tethered Cord stuff still seems to be causing most of my pain and suffering. I ache and hurt from my waist down, particularly at the lumbar region, the buttocks and behind the knees.

The new dog is doing well. He's much more "puppy" than we had expected and he wants to chew all the time and has way too much energy. But he's very smart and really wants to please. He's bonded tightly to me, goes from room to room wherever I go. He comes when I call him, and I've started working with him just a little bit on the leash in the house in order to affirm "stay" and "sit" with him.

I got the new Pronex cervical traction unit in the mail yesterday. It is something that works with air, pumping up through a bulb like the cuff/blood pressure units. I tried it once today and laid in it for five minutes and got up in a lot of pain. I figure it will take some time getting used to.

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