Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lyrica and new doctor search and snow! Oh my!

I received authorization from my work comp insurance to seek out a new neurosurgeon at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland, OR. I am so relieved! Since a bogus report was filed by my NY neurosurgeon with my insurance, I wondered if they'd believe him, or me. It seems they believe me. Thank God.

I will call OHSU tomorrow and see if they'd like me to send the CD of imaging that was done in NY last June. There's a lot of cool imaging there to be seen, CINE MRI (shows the flow of cerebrospinal fluid); 3D CT scans; MRIs and CTs and xrays.

So, it's starting all over now, with me explaining once again my entire situation and how I got to where I am now, and hopefully, I will have a caring physician who will listen to me, who will think wisely and deeply and will honor what I know, what I've experienced, and what I'm dealing with now.

I saw my primary today and we talked about the new NS search. I also talked to him about how much pain I am in. Even though I'm taking the maximum dose of oxycodone that he has prescribed, I am always in pain, and usually, most often, in a LOT of heavy duty pain.

He thought I should try Lyrica, which is an anti-convulsant but has been found to be effective in central nervous system pain such as is found in spinal cord injury. I think I've been reluctant to try it because I've heard what a "weight gainer" it is, but I'm going to try it. Tonight will be my first, small dose.

The other day, I snipped the last gladiola, a graceful, pink one, and brought it in the house, placing it in water in the antique, rose-garden vase I have.

This morning, we had our first snow of the season! Big flakes came down steady for about 30 minutes. A dusting of snow is still hanging around. My nurse told me that she was born and raised here, and has never seen snow this early. Confirming her memory, the Portland weatherman said that this snow certainly did set a new record for early snow. The previous record was snow on Oct. 26, I believe.

Well, I won't stay here long. Pain starts in the back of my head, even tho I recently took a pain pill. This is why I don't post too often, but I think of my readers all the time! I make notes of observation, ideas to post about, but the times comes and goes and the thought seems irrelevant.

Wild turkey and deer abound in our yard each day. The deer must have come up on our little front deck and eaten the pink petunias that were still, hardily blossoming in a big, decorative pot. The other day, a lovely fawn was drinking from the birdbath, melting a hole in the ice with her warm, black nose.

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