Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Testing still on hold

Just a note in case some faithful readers are wondering about my SPECT scan and new lumbar MRI.

I am still awaiting work comp authorization. The order from the doctor is dated Nov. 20, 2009. Such a long wait. I still think this SPECT scan could be very helpful.


Shine said...

Hi there, nice blog! last year I got an MRI and dr found a bulging disc in the Lumbar spine, Dr wanted to administrate steroids in inyections after giving me steroids in pills, and she said if that doesn't work then I will have to make cirgury, any ways i don't know what is the exact injure you got, but what I did have me heal and can funcion now perfectly, I am still carefull to don't carry heavy stuff. So what it help me was a magnetic wrap wich also stabilice the spine I wore it day and night for two weeks, then just at night for other two weeks, and my pain was gone, I was able to walk with no pain and jUst wanted to share it, maybe could be help full for you too. May God bless you and all your family.

kiminfla said...

How frustrating to have to wait so long! Hopefully the studies will prove to be useful for your course of treatment. Be blessed my friend, Kim