Thursday, May 6, 2010

random updates

I need to get updates on here, but being at the computer has become more and more painful.
So, I will just copy/paste a note in here that I just rushed off to my sister. It won't be very prettily-written, but it is an update of sorts.
Being on the computer just seems so much harder than it used to. My husband has suggested a laptop, too...but I think looking down at the screen and typing with arms moving will be hard no matter where I'm at. But in the future, that might be something I'd like to look into.

I thought that the atty was talking like he'd get me anything to make my life better, after they found me 100% disabled, but I sent in a scooter proposal and have heard nothing yet. I wished I had had one when we went to the car show in town a couple of Saturdays ago!

Let's see...I went for the sleep study a week ago, last Thurs night. The tech gal told me I do have apnea, both central and obstructive. I go back to talk to the sleep doctor when I get back from AK.

I was surprised to hear them say I do have apnea since these tests always seem to show up with nothing. I guess that proves the brainstem compression that [the new NSG] denies I have. And Dr. Shelat in NY showed us very clearly on the MRIs...

Friday, [my husband] picked me up early at the hospital and we went home and I think I went right to bed.

I think the weekend was uneventful, I can't remember any of it now.

Monday, both [my husband] and I went to our primary to get new RX for our pain meds since we'll be getting back after the RX runs out.

We went to town yesterday to fill the RX, and met with opposition because we were told it was too early to fill it, insurance wouldn't allow it. We went to our reg. pharmacy and they were willing to fill one. So it goes.

It was sooooo windy and stormy all weekend and then yesterday too, big black storm clouds all across the plains and occasional squalls we drove thru.

The hills are lovely and green and covered with flowers!!

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