Friday, December 12, 2008

The Day After

So the journey never ends, even when you think you've written the ending.

This morning, I woke up with the strong feeling that this is not the end. Not yet. Maybe this is what God wants, for me not to have the fusion. But I'm not getting that signal yet. So, until then, I will keep on pushing toward the goal.

I wrote up a letter and faxed it to Dr. Fu. I told him how the bone scan technician had been mean and rude to me, and perhaps she had diverted herself from inputting information into the program or setting up the scan machine, or who knows? I also told him that I'd learned that a scan can be done of the forearm to get additional, bone mass readings.

I knew this because I received, last night, a helpful email from an online friend who lives east of Portland, OR. She is also a TCI patient, and she told me that she had wasted lots of time taking drugs that did not help, and then she went to a Dr. Dana Madison of OHSU (Oregon Health and Science Univ.). He put her on Forteo shots for six months, he communicated with Dr. B in NY and he scanned her forearm. She was well enough for the surgery, which she had not too long ago.

The phone rang and it was Dr. Fu. He is remarkable! He talked with me, looked again at the bone scan I had recently, compared it to the last one I'd had, and felt that the mean technician probably didn't change anything, and that there was no reason to do it over. He had looked up the neurosurgeon for a spinal injury center who actually comes once a week to a town 35 miles from me, and he is going to refer me to him. Dr. Belza.

I told him about Dr. Madison and he was interested right away. He is going to call Dr. Madison and tell him about my situation. I feel so good about this, that I wasn't just given up on, that others are fighting for me, too.

Dr. Fu said, "We didn't get the results we wanted, but I really want to help you."

So, I'm back on the wheel again, nothing has really stopped yet. Maybe we'll find something new, and at the same time, Dr. Fu will learn something to use with his cancer patients.

Thanks for your responses, I appreciate those who care so much, more than I can say.

Thank God.

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