Thursday, January 29, 2009

a whispering thought

Buckled up tight in my CTO vest, not able to look left or right, up or down, I sat rigidly in the passenger seat of our car as we drove to town to do some errands. The sky was brilliantly blue, even more so since we'd had 12 days of freezing fog previous to this glorious morning.

I studied the high foothills and the snow-capped peaks, the deer trails that latticed their way up steep slopes.

And a selfish, childish part of my psyche thought, "Tell me, O Lord, what is better now than when I could be in the mountains. If I knew what it is, I could be happy in this situation."

And I felt Him answer: "I didn't promise you better."

He promises us a spiritual walk in His Kingdom, and it is true, I am with Him more now than before,

and though He didn't promise an earthly "better..." is, if I am closer to Him.

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kiminfla said...

V, I was really touched by your post. You're so right -- I've found at times that I look outward for signs of improvement or "better" I don't find any... Actually the "better" is something that can't be seen and can only be felt or known very deep inside. Thank you for that very powerful insight. Be blessed my friend, Kim