Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So it begins...

If I'm not answering emails, there is a good reason. I always spend at least a couple of hours in bed during the day, and being too long at the computer causes too much pain. But...

There is so much to be done before a surgery, as so many of your readers know.

I need to do another 24 hour urine test, now that I've been on the daily Forteo injections. They will also draw blood for tests to see how the Forteo is doing.

I need to have an echocardiogram done. Also an electrocardiogram, a stress test, coagulation studies, basic metabolic profile...
I need to get a letter of medical clearance from my primary doctor, and a letter of clearance from my endocrinologist. I need to fax these, plus the echo readings, to the surgeon in NY, plus I need to bring these with me to NY to give the nurse at pre-surgical testing.

My PTP and I had hoped I'd get in to see a neurologist at OHSU in Portland, two hours away, before my surgery but at this point, if it hasn't happened, I don't see it happening. With getting prior authorizations and considering busy schedules, it's not likely. I'd hoped to establish a connection with a neuro before I came home with the halo, in case I had problems with it.

In NY, on April 27, I will be getting:
MRI Brain
MRI Cervical
MRI Lumbar
3D CT head
CT Cervical
xray cervical

Personally, I need to get a phone with larger letters and 300 minutes to take with me to NY.
I need to get some more "no rinse" soap for my stay in the hospital.
I want to go to the thrift store and pick up some strappy T shirts that can be cut at the shoulders and pinned back together to be worn beneath the halo.
I need to get my head shaved.
I need to also pick up at the Thrift store some large shirts that will go over the halo vest, that button or zip up in front.
I must reserve hotel room, buy airline tickets, figure out expenses and send them to work comp (I am so blessed that work comp does pay my expenses and will send me some money to cover them before I go).

Put together my little phone and contacts book to take with me which also includes the cab numbers and such.

I need to buy a new pillow and then sew a seam down the middle, with equal amts of fluff on each side of the seam. This is said to aid in comfort with fusion surgeries, yet I'm not sure about the halo.

Write down contact numbers for my husband...

The checklist grows.

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