Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yukon Bound

A month ago, I put together a vacation for my husband and myself. I know, sounds pretty silly when it's getting so hard for me to walk and do things. But, after years of hearing my husband say that he wanted to see Alaska and he wanted to go to the Klondike, I was inspired to put it all together, while I am still mobile enough to go.

We will leave in early Sept. and fly to Seattle and then to Juneau. From there, we'll ferry to Skagway, where I have rented a log cabin in the woods for five nights. I can't wait!

Our cabin sits right along the Chilkoot Trail, where thousands of poor souls started their treacherous journey to the goldfields of the Yukon. If we feel up to it, we can drive from Skagway up over White Pass, to Whitehorse and then back down to Haines, Alaska, then ferry back to our cabin at Skag.

How we will enjoy investigating the historic buildings of the Gold Rush era in Skagway and Haines and Whitehorse, drinking in the mighty mountain views, watching for whales as we sail 6 hours north of Juneau! I'll be sure to share some photos when we get back.

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Anonymous said...


Great country, you and Pete will love it. Go on the train to Whitehorse. Take Pete to the Red Onion in Skagway. Go upstairs. Glad to read your taking the trip, you need a diversion.