Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh what a dream by Bryan Cole

An e-friend of mine, Bryan Cole, posted on the message board for Chiari Connection International yesterday, this account of a dream he had recently. I loved it and asked if I could use it. Bryan and I got to know each other through email about five years ago when we both noticed that we have "horse" in our usernames on the support group. He tells his story so well...he has endured a lot of suffering throughout his life and his faith comes through in this tale.


Most all my life I've dealt with a Congenital Defect called ChiariMalformation things really began snowballing at age 13

Before that, Iplayed ball with my brother and friends but by the time I was 17, I wasn't able to do much at all. My mom had taken me to Dr's. and they ran test after test finding nothing. Then we were sent to a Neurosurgeon (Emil L.Weber) and he assured my mom he would find my problem. He did and did the surgery which helped me very much but he also said I would have limitations and he was right.

I spent 30 years working in the Pizza business, 20 years with one man, and 10 years with my own business .I also began working and eventually training Thoroughbred race horses. This began when I was a child. My Grandparents did that for a living.It was very hard work but I loved the sport.

I have never been blessed with the best of health but I have been blessed with the best family and friends a person could have. My Health began getting very bad again in 1998. I had MRI's done and the results weren't good. I have a lot of spinal cord damage due to a cyst in my spinal cord; this condition is known as Syringomyelia .

I also have a condition known as Basilar Invagination which is flattening the Medulla of the Brain Stem. I had 2 surgeries in 2009, they have helped me some but I still have a hard time walking and according to my Drs. I always will. My dad died in January '09 two weeks before my first surgery in '09. He had been very sick. He was always there for me when I needed someone to go with me to run my horses. He also liked the horses. Of course he always gave me advice which usually led to a difference in opinion.

I began going to Church with my mom and dad several months before my dad died. It is a small Church called St. Mathews. There are very good people there.

Sorry for this being so long but here is the dream part. Last night as usual I had a hard time sleeping but finally it happpened. It is very unusual for me to dream but I did and it was so real. There I was with a barn full of horses then my dad showed up with a friend of his "Snooky." I told my dad I can't take care of all these horses; he said "Son where we are right now you can do anything and you won't hurt at all."

Then I began recognizing many more people ,friends and relatives. My Grandparents were there with horses. Dad was right. I lifted feed and hay, took care of the horses and there was no pain. Then I looked at the Clock it was 4:17 AM and I am wide awake.

I never had a dream that seemed so real. I began thinking about that dream. Everyone in my dream had passed away and most were in very bad shape when they left this world. There is no doubt in my mind that the place I dreamed of was Heaven and I know when I die I want to go to that place where everyone is healthy again.


Bryan (Indiana)Surgery for Chiari in 1974 at age 17 which I've always considered a success even though Ive always had problems.I knew little to nothing about Chiari until May 2006. Revision done at TCI in Jan.2009.

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