Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something to shout about!

Well, I'm just plumb excited!

With the autonomic dysreflexia, I can't let myself jump up and down and say YIPPEE, but that's what I feel like doing, so you can just imagine it.

My work comp has authorized me to get a power mobility scooter. The ones I've seen have been less of what I'd think I'd want or need, but I figured those were my options. But the wonderful fellow who runs the scooter store showed me a link to one called a "Wrangler."

Now, with a lifetime of wranglin' horses and cows and dudes, doesn't that sound like a rig that is meant for me to ride? You can see the photo I'm posting of it, above.

It's got 13" pneumatic tires and high clearance and rugged terrain tread.

It's got a high seat back with a head rest, which I simply have to have.

It'll go 10 mph, tho I doubt I'd do that. I used to be a risk-taker, but no more!

The batteries have a range of up to 20 miles!!

I can just see me tooling along somewhere in the beautiful woods, down an old logging road,

leading my dog alongside. I am starting to cry just thinking of the chance to be out in the woods again, on a quiet electric scooter!
tee hee! I even asked for "Viper Blue!" I guess I'll have to get a helmet for riding it...


Cassandra said...

I'm so happy for you Virginia!! I look forward to your beautiful posts about the new places you discover!!

kiminfla said...

V, What a blessing! I'm so happy to read some good news! I think of you often -- you and dh are in my prayers! Be blessed my friend, Kim (kiminfla)

zoe said...

~♥ Hi V ♥~

I just want to cry every time I come to your site- listening to the first song you have playing...I wish I could share some of my present wellness with you V! But I'm so thankful with you for the much needed scooter.

It really will lift your heart to get out a bit more- I know- cuz I'm built the same way* OH! To be in God's great creation!!

I pray much renewal and hope, vision, insight and revelation to be yours my friend. And may the Lord look kindly on you and give you relief as well for all that you suffer under.

With big hugs,

Anonymous said...

If only I had the guts to use that in church. I'd never skip a Sunday.

Lisa in Alaska