Thursday, July 1, 2010

What I learned today...

at pain management.

It helps to write it down so I might remember later.

My wonderful pharmacist/co-pain-manager told me that I still need to rest. Even if I feel better because of the meds, I need to still lie down, get the weight of my head off my spine and rest.

He could tell that from my telling of the events of last week, that I am an over-doer (being a past over achiever and work-a-holic).

I had somehow thought that the meds would take the pain away and I could do more...get out and do more...achieve and accomplish those things that produce those good ol' endorphins that naturally deal with the pain, though only for a moment and then the fiddler must be paid.

I learned that the things I so love to do are my enemies. I learned that those things I love to do cause my pain. Perhaps like a woman who is obsessed with a man who is no good for her, I need to learn to walk on the easy side of the street and avoid that fatal attraction.

And now, I've forgotten the other important things I learned in their office today. I'm sure it will come back to me later and I will add it to this post. I remember it was an epiphany, just as the one I just mentioned was.

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Anonymous said...

Virginia, you once again said it perfectly. Thank you so much.

Lisa in Alaska