Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ginger and Nausea

It pays to have friends who remember things about you and read your blog!

My friend read this blog about nausea and the next thing I knew, I had a small package in the mailbox from her, with two tin boxes of ginger drops! Wow!

And you know what? I'd forgotten how well ginger helps. I have a bottle of ginger ale in my refrigerator that I simply forget is for nausea and I have the spice container of powdered ginger for mixing up with water and ice and a bit of sugar. But, one must REMEMBER to use these things!

One of the brands of ginger drops that sent to me is wonderful. Made by "Newman's Own." They are tasty and comforting to take. I have the tin right beside the bed now and even my husband will take one when he feels that his stomach is upset. They truly 100% work!

The other kind is made by Altoid's and they are HOT. Like fire in the mouth. But they do work. I have that tin in our pickup.

Thank you so much, dear friend! For the tins of ginger drops and for remembering that these exist and work so well! God bless you!

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