Friday, January 7, 2011

great pic of my old friend

I don't post any pictures of our other dog, Quincy, because he looks as bad as I do in pictures! But the other day, I looked up and saw him lying on top of the back cushion of the leather loveseat, and with the red pillow below him and the chile--colored door behind him, I was taken with the beauty of it all. I grabbed the camera, told him to STAY, and surprise! he did! And the result is the picture of my old buddy, Quincy.


Anonymous said...

It's Lisa in Alaska with great news. I figure with all your work facilitating the Chiari message boards that you don't get much happy news.
I just got the phone call today inviting me to 2 weeks of Team Training for my Canine Companion for Independence Dog.
The CCI dog will open drawers, doors, pull off the last 10% of my sleeves and pick up dropped items. That will stop the spinal fluid from flowing out of the dural leak in my neck and will greatly decrease my pain. I'm so happy to have hope that the dog will decrease my decline. My owner trained dog died, but during the 2 months he helped me, my pain and leaking ears were 90% better.
Thank you again for your blog and dedication to the message board.

Adam said...

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