Tuesday, April 5, 2011

another sweet poem...

I liked that "I needed the Quiet" poem so much, I did a websearch on the author. And I found this wonderful poem about faith:

Doubt cries, "It is impossible! You can't, you can't go on!"

Faith softly whispers, "Yes, you can. Just trust in God. Be Calm."

Doubt cries, "Look down! Your path is steep and rough with stones and briar!"

Faith gently says, "I'll take your hand. It's beautiful up higher."

Doubt has not one thing to give but "going back" alone;

Faith has God, eternal life, and heirship to a throne!

And so, on unseen eagle's wings, these feet of clay are borne.

While faith within me sings and sings, We rise above the storm!

by Alice Hansche Mortenson

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