Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last year, I intended to enter...

...the following here on my blog, thoughts that came to me on the 6th anniversary of my injury date (April 9, 2004).

I say "my injury," not "my accident." I've never been able to call anything an accident in my life.

I think about it now and realize with wonder, as I look back down the trail I've been on, I never blamed God. I never blamed the horse. I never blamed myself or anyone else.

And today, I realize this is because I lived so many years on the edge, when I could have or should have been hurt or killed in my profession of horse-training and cowboying, that what happened seemed to be what naturally SHOULD HAVE happened.

I never had regrets and I still don't.

If I could go back and trade in the injury with a payment of all those horseback years; give those 40 years of cowboy life in exchange for "no injury," no broken neck...I honestly wouldn't do it.

Those days and stories remembered are treasures to me, gems that I sometimes get out of the safe-deposit box of my memory and I hold them up to various rays of sunlight and allow the facets to fracture into beams that play over my upturned, thankful face...

...and I thank God for them all.

Every last one.

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