Monday, February 18, 2008

Deer caught in sunlight

Right now, there is a small band of deer grazing on fallen acorns on the bank right above our house, about 40 feet away. I got out the camera with the long lens and took some photos. When they come back, I'll post a few here. It's a gloriously sunny day here and I intend to make myself a latte and go sit on the Adirondack chairs (sitting on one, feet up on the other) in the sun on the patch of bare ground on the front lawn and read some of my book. It's an interesting saga of Oregon Trail pioneers called All Together in One Place. It moves as slow as the wheels of the ox-pulled wagons, but the writer is surprisingly gifted in how she has put herself into the place of the main character, Mazy, who has been ripped from her beloved farm in Wisconsin to follow her adventure-seeking husband, Jeremy.

I'm in very bad shape today. Must be the walking and all of it has accumulated. I had no wrenching experiences or falls. I haven't really been lifting or even going overboard on housework. All of my tethered cord symptoms are back in full flare. A strong feeling of "neuro" in my feet, legs extremely weak, brain not working well and pain in my lower back. I've upped the pain meds slightly. And taking it easy on the front lawn with a blanket to keep me warm sounds like a good plan. Besides, the Vitamin D from the sun is so good for the bones.

I know I'm feeling bad when my husband offers to help me build a small set of shelves for the bathroom and I decline!

Today, I am 56 years young. My mother tells me I was born during a raging New Hampshire blizzard. I also made my entrance into this beautiful world on my half-brother's 9th birthday.
I feel no need for celebrations or cake or presents. My husband already purchased three items for my birthday which I picked out last week. My mother has called, a few friends have emailed their birthday greetings...I'm good!

Now, I'm going to warm up that espresso machine and go watch that little band of deer. What birthday gifts I have!


Anonymous said...

V, guess we never discussed birthdays... Mine was the 5th of February and I am proudly 57 years young. I share my birthday with two cousins.

So, I belatedly pray for a wonderful year full of God's blessings for you. You are a special blessing to me!

Your expresso machine sounds wonderful. My brother always stays after the Gathering to celebrate my birthday. This year he gave me a new shower massage and new toilet seat (both installed). I told him that I would think of him every morning when I showered and every time I sat on my "throne".

I use a lot of ice for pain, especially the burning pain and nerve pain. I never thought that ice would be such a good friend. After all, it was a fall on the ice that started the pain!

A doctor once told me to "manage" my pain and not to let it get to too high of level before I took something for it. Pain level 4 is where one should start with medications, although I am rarely at or below that level. The same doctor also said that I would not receive a medal for toughing it out. Do whatever you need to do to find some level of comfort.

I think of you every day and mention your name each time I pray.

Love, Cleo

Anonymous said...

V - So sorry I missed your birthday! I pray that this next year of your life will bring peace, comfort, and God's blessings. I sent you an e-mail the other day. Did you get it? We haven't caught up in quite some time but I think of you and pray for you often.

Be blessed my friend, Kim