Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ultra sound today

I had my thyroid ultrasound today and it went well. The technician was much better than the one who had done the US before. She just had me lie flat on the table and didn't hyperextend my neck at all. The man who had done the US 18 months ago in CA had my shoulders up on pillows and extended my head downward and back and even crushed my windpipe enough to shut off my air. This didn't happen at all.

She asked me today what had happened to me so I told her the story briefly of having a 4 place fracture of the C1 and my skull having dislocated from my Cspine. She said that recently they have had two patients in that little hospital (and it's small, really small!) with the dislocated skull. One was a man who fell from a ladder and one was a woman who had been beaten. She remarked how amazing that was since that injury is so rare.

Recently, I talked with a waitress in town whose 32 year old son's head was run over by a tractor, fracturing his skull base. He is home with her now, wearing an Aspen Collar like I was wearing when she approached me in the restaurant. I told her to watch for brain injury and brought a book I have on it to her to borrow and read.

Awesome weather today. We aren't getting to see much of the eclipse due to clouds. This town is known as one of the optimum places to view lunar eclipses in North America.

I have the photos now of the deer and will post one here soon, I promise.

God bless, y'all.

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hey v,
sounds like your idea for a new site would be even better than you thought. hope all is well, email coming soon i promise.