Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Best Laid Plans

My plan to try out my Johnston CTO while watching TV last night did not work out. I tried the CTO, but it is unbearable sitting down. That position shoves the chin bars really UP and that's not good, trying to force my head back!

I tried putting pillows in the recliner but nothing made sitting in that CTO comfy. At least not in a recliner and that's all we have in our living room. So, I took it off and tried the Aspen Vista collar.

Ripped that off pretty quick because shooting pains started in my occipital area.

So, I tried sitting up more straight and that worked until later on, when I started that painful drifting off to sleep again. Went to bed then, and went right to sleep, no problems.

I have found a good thing to really help with my leg problems! I put on a Lidoderm 5% patch on the lumbar area! It helps a lot in the daytime, and it helps a lot in the evening! I'm very pleased. They can only be put on for 12 hour on and 12 off, so I'm choosing to sleep with one on. When I get up at night, my legs are not nearly as painful. They do still hurt, but not as bad.

OR, it could be that I've had less pain because I'm really doing very little. I'm not trying to go outside and garden, and I'm not doing any projects and not much housework.

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