Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas in November

I experienced a fun thing this morning....

Want to brighten up a cloudy day? Been feeling blue and need your spirits lifted a bit?

Last week, I received in the mail an envelope of coupons for a bunch of junk made in China, all worth about 50 cents but selling for the remarkable price of $1 to $8 !! What a steal! I thought, "Hey, these are some things I can use! A garlic chopper, a tool to reach up and clean the ceiling fan blades, some screen patches to fix torn window screens. These things are cheap! I thought.

Well, I ordered them online and my four cheap items, with shipping, added up to $29! Oh well, I just went ahead with the order.

Today, the box arrived.

Being brain injured, I'd forgotten I'd ordered these things at all. When I saw the box, I remembered then that I'd placed the order, but could not remember anything I'd bought.

Wheee! Christmas! What fun I just had opening up my cheap plastic bunch o' junk! But really, some of these things are going to be really handy. Like the 10" tweezers! (Did I ever mention my eyebrows?)

In life, we all gotta look at the fun that is out there available. I could have been so disappointed at the garlic chopper with the cap that didn't even screw on, or the screen patches and I could have brought myself down with thoughts of "what a rip off!" But I've always been that "beer mug half full" kinda gal, and I did have a lovely time.

In fact, I've already cleaned my fan blades! And that one tool is actually really well-made!


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