Sunday, November 9, 2008


Someone told me once that if something is wrong inside the body, it will come out to the surface one way or another. It wasn't a doctor, it was more like a health-food-guru of some kind.

Something I've never chronicled for myself, probably among many things, is an indicator that something hugely stressful is going on with me. Since my injury, I've had two small areas where blood will rise to the surface and look like a glaring, red birthmark or something, if I have been under some stress.

It will show up exactly in the same spot under my right eye, or at the bottom, right side, of my lower lip. It doesn't hurt. It's just blood rising up to the skin level but not all the way, there is no bleeding. I would describe in crude terms as the same as a "hickey" that teenagers give to each other on the neck. But these are not that large.

They stay a day or two and then they go. I have one now right at the edge of my bottom lip, right side. My husband told me I had some food there to brush away, but I told him, no, it's just a stress indicator. One of many, I'm sure. Like when my arms itch so badly (as they are right now). And hot pokers stab at my feet. Or nausea floods over me like an angry, ocean wave.

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