Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First snow, 2010!

From the window in my office today. The picture doesn't show the snow coming down. They were great big fat fluffy flakes coming straight down and added up to about 3"...but it will all melt tomorrow when the sun is expected to come back out.


Lisa Davis Budzinski said...

This is a gorgeous photo! I love it because I live in Florida and never get to see anything like that out my windows : )

A friend from our CPS group

Marcia said...

For a person who has never seen snow this scene looks magical Virginia. So hot and steamy in this part of Australia :-)

Lisa Currall said...

Beautiful picture Virginia!!

That article will be wonderful like your books. Post it when you finish....

Praying for a great reaction from the new doctor and that he can make some good recommendations for you!!