Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my new wheels!

Hi dear readers!

Here is a picture of my new scooter, or The Blue Mule, as I affectionately call it.
We took it, and my husband's little off-road "Hawg Ty" to a spot by a lake up in the mountains, and then we drove around the lake a bit and exploring campsites and such.

The second I took off after taking this picture, I was on a lovely, pine-needle-strewn backroad. It was a place I'd have loved to ride along on my horse. And I was in so much bliss to be out and about again!

In the picture, you can see my Aspen (rigid) neck brace on the seat. I definitely have to wear that while driving the Mule. And even at that, it doesn't seem to give my unstable neck much support. I have to go slow, and not be "out" too long. But it was fun while it lasted!

In the back of our pickup you can see the wonderful hoist that I also got to load the scooter. That is so much neater than I had imagined! Just which way it needs to go, up and down and left or right, into the bed of the truck or out, it's all in the computer for the hoist and it literally takes only a minute to unload the scooter.

I think I've mentioned before, but there is one thing: getting a scooter. And there's another thing: feeling well enough, strong enough to go out in it. I see so many people out with their own scooters, and I have to wonder about their level of disability or energy or something. I just don't feel UP to doing much with the scooter.

We have gone to two car shows since I got it, and both times, I took the Blue Mule and it worked really well and allowed me to have a nice time. My husband likes it better, too, because he says I'm not complaining all the time about how much my feet and legs hurt. ;-)

Earlier in the Fall, I used it a little bit in the yard, when I felt up to digging up some irises that were no longer performing, splitting up the tubers and then replanting them elsewhere. The Mule worked good for that. I haven't felt well enough, however, to do anything outside in several weeks now.

This scooter is built by Pride Mobility and is a Wrangler, in case you are curious.

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