Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tomorrow, a new med will be delivered to my door, and thus will start an automatic home delivery of this new prescription, to my house, by UPS, every 28 days.

Dr. Madison of OHSU has prescribed for me "Forteo," a different treatment for bone loss. Where all the other treatments I've received over the last five years have been bisphosphonates, this is a hormone-based therapy.

It is administered at home, by me, by injection.

Daily. I'm not scared of this or worried about it. I gave shots almost daily to horses for most of my life.

This will be a treatment plan to where I'll be on this medication for a bit before the fusion, and then I'll be on it during the recovery stages, with hopes that the added medication will help with the bone graft and fusing of bones, bones around screws, bone growth around the cadaver chips. Etc.

So, next Monday, I have an appointment back at OHSU (in Portland, 130 miles away) with a nurse to teach me how to give myself injections.

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