Thursday, February 26, 2009


Oh, and thanks so much to those who have commented recently as I shared the test results and that whole situation. Your words really do comfort me. I am blessed beyond measure to have such caring friends, family and e-quaintances. When you post a comment, it warms my heart to know you are there, reading and caring...and praying.



InHisGrace711 said...


Hi sweety! Have you heard anything on your re-test? I thought it may be in already and you have been heavy on my heart. I pray you are having a comforting, restful day. Love, Jo

kiminfla said...

V, I check your blog often to find out how you're doing. It's wonderful how you're able to bless others by being such a powerful example of staying strong through adversity. Much love and blessings to you my friend, Be blessed, Kim