Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It must be mating season

...for across the road this morning, we watched five or six wild tom turkeys, puffed up and fanned out, strutting back and forth in competition for the hens' attention. What a treasure to watch such wildlife activity right through the front window!

I have been incredibly sick the last two days. All kinds of brainstem stuff. Lots of pain in my legs and occipitally. Very weak, and I'm back to feeling too weak to step outside, even though my lovely tulips and daffodils are beckoning loudly for me to come view their beauty.

I figure it is because on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I felt well enough to go out in the yard for an hour to an hour and a half and do some light gardening stuff. Setting sprinklers on some plants...sprinkling some mulch on a front bed...spraying Miracle Gro on the irises.

As ever, whenever I feel halfway good and do things, it takes a couple of days for the inevitable flare up to manifest itself. I have felt like my head can't stay on top of my spine...I've spent most of my time in bed reading or napping.

Too weak to talk even. I hardly say a word to my husband throughout the day.

As I've written before, it all confirms that I need to get this surgery done on June 4th. No doubts, no fear.

I really don't have much to write about since I haven't been doing anything, and also because sitting here at the computer wears me out. My arms and hands are weak and they ache. So, I'll close. Wish I had better news...but I gotta write it like it is!


Mackenzie said...

Hey Virginia!

I am quite sorry to hear that you are feeling so badly! I know how you feel... On the days where we feel good enough to try and accomplish something, we end up over-doing it, which we always end up paying for two-fold! But the feeling of getting something done, definitely makes it worth it!

I am praying for you and getting mom to keep me updated on how you are doing! She was telling me about the American Idol post on your forum... Adam is definitely my favorite! :)

I hope you have a wonderful day!


By His Grace said...

Hey there little Mac!! Thanks for reading and posting...just watched AmIdol....I bet you were holding your breath for Adam, huh? that guy sure has the pipes! I guess I'd have to pick Danny Gokey or Allison for my faves. Danny is getting cuter all the time and he's our Christian brother, too!

Thanks so much for your prayers. I'm doing the same for you and anxious to hear when you have a date for your rescheduled surgery...I know you are like me, in the same boat. Just get this over with, huh?

love you

Janice said...

Hi Virginia,
I know about that exhausted feeling.If I overdo and don't sleep well I can hardly move the next day. I don't have brainstemm symptom's thankfully. I am so sorry to hear that you are having so much difficulty. June 4 is little more than a month away. I will be happy to see you get to NY and get the surgery done.Thanks again for the book.
Love and Prayers,