Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today, I got something done I've wanted to do for awhile.

I rearranged some cabinet shelves so that the things I use most often are not on lower shelves.

In the "pantry" area of the kitchen, I moved out kitchen tools and put all the cleaners and such that were under the sink. I also comprised some space so that I could put pots and pans and bakeware on more accessible shelves.

This will help me now, but even more so, it will be of so much help when I come home post-fusion, in the halo.

I'm now 29 days til surgery in NY.

Having the surgery put off last month has really given me more time to get things done in the garden. Yes, I overdo. Yes, I pay for it in pain. But I am rewarded by seeing things looking nice, and knowing that this summer, things will be easier to care for. Our landscaping is very important to us.

It provides (and will provide) privacy to us from neighbors, and it adds value to the property. I have about 30 young pine trees that are just now going to be hitting their stride in growth. I suspect this will be their 3rd year after being transplanted as 1' seedlings. This should be a good year.

My husband has taken, for the first time, a lot of interest in the landscaping and gardening. He's planted tomatoes already, planted some corn seed, spreads the mulch under the trees and in the beds. I don't blame him for not caring much for landscaping before...it used to be part of his job for the last six years he worked. And weedeating on a grand scale gets old, fast.

The daffodils have gone past, I've snipped the old blooms off. The tulips right now are blazing in glory. The wild turkeys are getting braver about coming up closer, but with our two dogs, I don't expect to see them near our house.

I've been staying home and not going to our shopping town 35 miles away. It's not fun for me anymore, the pain and suffering from traveling and walking through stores has finally convinced me to stay home. I will go into our little town, 1 mile away, though, and that is really good enough for me!

I'm really looking forward to getting this surgery done, getting through the halo phase and (please, Lord) then having strength in my legs and be able to walk without pain in my feet and great weakness. I won't be walking across the road this summer, but maybe by the Fall? I hope so! It's so pretty over there, so close...yet so far.

I've been watching Dancing with the Stars on the internet ABC website every Tuesday and Wednesday for a couple of months. Our satellite company, DISH, doesn't carry ABC anymore due to contract problems, so I have to wait a day later to watch it, when it gets posted on the site. This year has been especially fun for me to follow because one of the PBR bullriders (retired), Ty Murray, has been competing on the show. And doing well. He's made it to the top 5. When I watch tomorrow, I'll find out if he made it to dance another week. It's been fun to read and post on his blog, and be a part of his voting "army."


Mackenzie said...

Hey Virginia!

Since my surgery was put off (I like the sound of that more than "canceled"), I realize more and more everyday that we were NOT ready for it! And God knew that! We have had so many things that needed to be done before we left, and we didn't even know about them! God is constantly giving us reasons for why I did NOT need to have surgery then! We just weren't prepared! We had been "preparing" for months and thought we were ready, but we really weren't!

We hope and pray that my surgery will be soon, but it is all in God's perfect timing! We will wait on HIM! Kim emailed us today telling us we should hear a date in the beginning of next week! I would love for it to be while you are still up there so that we can meet!

Praying for you,

Hannah said...

http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/200 ... EitZyIIP&B

I didn't know if you read this already.

Hang in there, only alittle bit more time(:

You continue to stay in my prayers

Anonymous said...
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