Thursday, May 21, 2009

Countdown, Part Deux

Well, once again, I am looking at "two weeks from today is my surgery!"

Seems like I just went through this, like deja vu`.....all over again...oh yeah, I did! My surgery was supposed to be April 28, but on April 21, I got word that it was to be postponed.

I still have not heard from TCI IF my surgery for the 4th of June is firm. I have emailed and left a phone message today. I pray tomorrow I will hear good news.

I have received an email from one friend whose surgery was meant to be tomorrow, the 22nd. TCI called her and let her know her surgery was also postponed, but this time, hers was because they are "triaging" the surgical patients, the ones like me who had their postponed a month ago, and the ones whose surgery dates were already set for this time. She was told they are figuring out whose surgery is urgent and should go ahead as planned, and whose can wait.

Thus, I pray again for the LORD's will, and that my surgery will happen.

Those reading this with instability probably know just what I mean when I say, there are scary times when I feel like my head is challenging any support it gets from my neck and muscles. Tonight was one of those nights, I feel more pain up under my ears and in the back of my head, and tonight, the skull feels very heavy, very wobbly, and a bit scary. Bedtime is soon, so I might feel better then, but...

lately, having my head on the pillow is not comfortable. The back of the head hurts a lot when I try to lie on my back. If I'm on my side, the weight of my "upside" arm drags down on my shoulder and neck and that hurts.

Another friend told me that after my fusion, she doesn't think I'll be able to garden. That is hard to hear, even though I know that if there are any safe ways I can do things for the garden, I will do it, even if it's just standing out there with the hose and sprayer. But, I also know deep down that I will need to be very careful and I will have to have more control over what I do...not let endorphins get the better of me. I simply cannot overdo with the fusion and hardware...I read far too many stories about people whose hardware has come loose because they fell, or bent over to get a pot from under the counter, or just turned their heads too quickly.

I am continually blessed by the hundreds of flowers that are bursting forth from the ground here in our yard! The tulips are almost past but there are so many to take their place. If I could list all their names, I am sure there are at least a hundred types.

Mickey, my hound dog Dachshund, continues to amaze me with his intelligence. He's learned, finally, not to lick my face. He's learned that when he runs to the fence to bark at the neighbor boy or go greet his dog, and the adrenaline is pumping and Mickey is barking, with just my "cchhh" he is to stop whatever activity he's doing and look to me for direction. I learned this from watching The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic channel, and Cesar Milan's techniques really do work. Even on an effervescent, ever-hyper Mickey.