Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Praise Almighty God!

Dr. Bolognese has been reinstated!!! The final decision has come down and our dear, dear surgeon has had his surgical privileges reinstated.

This affects me personally in such a huge way! I've had my suitcases packed for a month. I've gone on this roller coaster ride until I'm numb to it all.

I just started living in the moment. In two weeks, I will have this surgery now. But even today, I just had to live in the moment. I didn't know what God's will would be. I didn't know if I'd have the surgery....if I'd have to get to know another surgeon and make a decision about using someone else...or go without the surgery at all...I didn't know so I became numb to it. And kept fighting to keep Dr. B at the OR table!

I wrote to the hospital Board of Trustees, I talked to the hospital spokesman, I wrote messages at the ends of nasty articles, as so many others did. I wrote the head of the hospital. I had plans to start tomorrow writing to Greta Van Susteren. I was ready to fight and fight big.

It would have been such injustice if Dr. B had been found negligent and made to discontinue doing surgery.

There are so many who need him. And we need him to train other surgeons to take over, as well. We don't want this to happen again, where our main guy almost was lost to us!

Oh, hallelujah, so many prayers are answered. It's not just about me. It's about The Chiari Institute and it's about all the people who have Chiari in this world, and syringomyelia and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and basilar invagination and functional cranial settling and hydrocephalus and all the related disorders that cause so much suffering, unspeakable suffering. Oh praise our Most High God!!

Oh, what joy!!!