Monday, September 21, 2009

No more tiny needles

Today, I went to the acupuncturist and told him that I didn't want to come there anymore.

It's too far, 35 miles one way, and I feel nothing whatsoever from the treatment.

I told him that probably it's my fault, I can't come every week and perhaps it would have helped some if I'd been able to. But it's too painful for me to go that far each week. I don't even go "into town" that often, and I live inside the city limits!

We discussed a bit about what acupuncture has done for his other patients. I asked him if he ever treated anyone with "central pain."

He said, "Meaning?"

"Central Nervous System stuff...spinal cord damage," I answered.

He curtly replied, "Pain is pain." [From this, I could tell he was not familiar with the Central Nervous System]

Not in the mood or the mode to argue, I let him insert a few needles. As usual, he dimmed the lights and walked out, leaving me on the hard table. I lay there praying he'd come back soon, because the one, lifeless pillow under my head was no padding for the back of my skull. I gave myself some loose perameters ("If I start getting the lightning pains in the back of my skull, I'll get up, needles or no").

He usually leaves me there for 15 minutes but I'm sure I was there at least 30 minutes this time. I listened to any activity outside the door, and I'm sure he had no other patients.

When the lights were switched on, his friendly voice asked how I was doing.

"Okay, I guess, though the back of my head was sure hurting on this uncomfortable pillow," I told him.

His manner had changed, he treated me with more deference and respect. After apologizing, he told me that with what I have going on, acupuncture would only offer some palliative results, not curative.

Meaning it might help lessen the pain, but it was too late to think it would take away the pain altogether.

I rather think he left me in the dark room for so long because he was on the internet studying the difference between peripheral pain and central pain.

If so, I give him credit for that.

I won't go back, but he was a nice man.

For that, at least, I am thankful.

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