Monday, September 14, 2009

A phone interview this morning...

As it happened, this morning I had a phone interview with one of my "agreed medical examiners" who is making a consideration/decision on if I'm "permanent and stationary" yet, and, if so, what percentage I am permanently disabled.

This doctor has been wonderful in the past; I've seen him twice before and his reports have been spot-on for me; he has reported, for example, that, for over five years, I have been searching for help. I had to explain to him everything that happened in New York, and that mess, since a report was filed with my work comp insurance that my C1 had "spontaneously healed" and whatever I have must be Lyme or something (ridiculous).

He listened to every word without interruption. He let me read, word for word, what I wrote this morning in the midst of a very painful "neuro" event. I posted this verbatim under the topic titled, Primal Voice. This doctor was so honoring.

He asked the perfect, pointed questions and did not editorialize. How much can you lift? Can you lift a gallon of milk (yes, but I feel it at the back of my skull). Can you lift two gallons (yes, but the pain at the back of the skull would make me put it right back down).

He asked me who is taking care of my neck right now (No one. All I have is my primary, who states he is "not the Mayo Clinic" and "knows nothing about anything that is going on with me, but just will keep me plugged into the resources I need") The examiner did "editorialize" at that point, just a little. He asked me, "If he knows nothing about your situation, how can he "keep you plugged into the resources you need?"

He also asked me if I had a major event with my neck, what would I do right now?

Before I replied, I told him that I feel like an airplane pilot who is always looking, as she flies, for someplace to have a crash landing. Then I told him I'd heard of an orthopedic surgeon at OHSU in Portland, OR who worked on someone I'd met and did a good job. The examiner then asked me how far away OHSU is, and I said 2 hours.

I see 3 of these AME's (the one today is an orthopedic surgeon, the others are a neuropsychologist and a neurologist). I have phone interviews with the other 2 scheduled later this month and in October.

I got a little weepy with him, telling him I desperately need a doctor, someone who really wants to figure this out, no politics etc. Of course, I still believe that everything I was told in New York in the past is what is truly happening, that it's craniocervical instability and "severe" functional cranial settling.

God has blessed me. This doctor holds my future in his hands, as he decides financially and medically what I will need in the future. And God has given me trust in this doctor from the reports he's filed before. He's very business-like, no nonsense at those times when I see him or talk to him. But when he files his reports, he really seems to "get" the bad situation I'm in.

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