Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big, happy news!

Here is another photo from yesterday. All of my life, I have been someone who pushed past pain, fatigue, cold or hot. My walks reflect this characteristic as well, but only to a limited extent. My walks last 20 minutes. Ten minutes are usually pretty good with just tender feet and slight weakness and shaky balance. The next five minutes are more painful, more weak. And the last five minutes are almost excrutiating. Weakness that hurts way, down deep and feet that are throbbing. So, why do I go at all? It's not because I know I must try to keep mobile. And it's not because it's my form of physical therapy. It's because the woods, trails and streams have always sent a Siren's call to my awaiting ears and caused me to push past good sense and pain.
Back then, those calls lured me above timberline and out a-horseback for ten to twelve hours. Today, it's a 20 minute stroll. But the rewards are very similar and still worth the effort.
My big news: we learned from our 27 year old son today that he is getting married in September! He is our only son so this is new territory for us and we are ecstatic for him and his chosen. We will definitely "be there!" He sounds so happy and it makes our hearts sing.
One last note today. I wrote that a friend had called me and, like the Siren tune the forest sings, persuaded me to feel positive about going to the national gathering that is so important to both of us. But now, I am back down to earth and common-sense reigns supreme (weakness and pain have a way of ruling the day) and I know I can't go. Too many people, too much stimulation, not enough strength. As much as I miss my old friends and as much as I want to be a part of the event, I know that in my current shape, I can't do it. We pick our battles. We choose our trails carefully. Such is life. Now, when I carefully step along deer paths, I know I can't take the steep trail up to the awe-inspiring cliffs like I once did. I must stick to the lowlands and easy trails.
This applies to life, as well. I know I can't go to gatherings and events like I used to. It's the new "normal" for me. And sometimes, it's hard for others to understand.

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Caroline said...

Congrats on your happy news! That is truly wonderful. You photos are beautiful. It is good for the soul to get out into the beauty of nature isn't it.

We drove up into the mountains behind us on the weekend until we were on top of this little mountain and had a picnic overlooking the pacific ocean and all the gulf islands. It was so breathtaking and makes you "smile" on the inside, if you know what I mean.

Glad to hear you are seeing enough improvements to enjoy being out in the woods again.

I have had a million appts lately so I've been a bit of a stranger. You are often in my thoughts though and always in my prayers.

hugs to you,