Monday, March 31, 2008

New message board! For Jefferson Fracture folks, too!

Hi, friends....I have finally finished putting together a new message board which I hope will fill a niche online. First, there is nothing out there for Jefferson Fracture-C1 fracture folks and I wanted to combine these people in with those who have Arnold Chiari Malformation (I have an acquired chiari but not ACM) and other skull base abnormalities since the symptoms are so alike in many cases.

The board is coming from a Christian perspective for those who suffer with neurological problems, primarily in the upper spine/skull base/brain areas.

Here is the link and everyone is invited:

I love the picture of the two young gals at the top of the page of the new board, but want the guys to know that they are definitely invited, too!!

blessings and hugs

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Anonymous said...

hey v,
the website looks great, ill get on it as soon as i can! hope all is well!
prayers are with you, krista