Monday, April 21, 2008

New Message Board

Our new message board, Healing Friends, is doing wonderfully. The program has a statistics page and we've had 530 page loads today alone! God is so good. Come on out and join us!

Today, we've had a little sleet, a little sun, clouds, woke up to a dusting of snow, typical mountain weather. Though, Caroline, certainly not as bad as you over on Vancouver Island! One foot of snow this morning, yikes!!

I've been feeling about the same. Had an awful lot of pain this morning for several hours, after I took a little walk yesterday. Quincy and I saw ducks and a deer running through the woods. No, the ducks weren't running! They were flying and quacking as we scared them off of their paddling place on the shrinking creek. Cold nights these days means the snowmelt-fed creek is slowing down, but is still a pretty little stream.

Not much to relate or tell. I will have to dig out some more from my journals of the days after my injury.

Thanks for dropping by. Those of you who might be reading this because you found it while Googling about a Jefferson Fracture of C1 fracture, come join us on Healing Friends and click on the topic Jefferson Fracture! Be the first JFer to join! There is so much we can share.

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