Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No bending/stooping/kneeling, okay?

I have to get after myself and no more of the above activities, at least for a few months!
I am such a mess right now. I wake up in horrid pain every night from the waist down, including calf spasms in both legs, burning hips and lower back, very painful feet.

This was all caused by me abandoning my reacher-grabber tool and leaning over carefully to pick up things from the floor, thinking it was good for me...and also from a small project I did last week, where I had to kneel on the floor about five times for about 2 minutes each. No can do!

I'm on the ol' pain meds and making lists of low-impact things I can do. I've decided I want a small, portable sewing machine for Mother's Day. I saw one advertised in a Kmart flyer for $29 last week on sale. I think I could also make another whirly gig.

I'm hanging in there, but moving slow and not taking any inspirational walks, either. Trying
to get these legs less spastic. I go to see Dr. B in NY on May 2, got word yesterday that work comp authorized the trip for a follow up appointment. I have a huge list of questions, I'm sure he'll LOVE that, ha!

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