Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday notes

I'm sorry I haven't been much of a faithful writer. I've just not felt inspired, it seems. Another thing is that I only have a window of opportunity of about an hour a day to get things done, and during that hour is the time I will start some little project, or clean house, or try to do some things in the yard. After that, I'm pretty beat.

However, today was a really good day. It was warm and lovely outside, the daffodils and tulips and grape hyacinths putting on a big show, though the tulips are far from the peak of their extravaganza!

I went out this morning, after watching through the kitchen window the young deer in the woods above our house, and actually was able to putter in the yard for about an hour and a half. The yard is looking so pretty. My husband mowed the grass and helped me with a few things. We put compost on three trees...I plugged in the electric weedeater and did a patch in about ten minutes that makes me so proud! The weedeater is light. In fact, the hardest part is getting the extension cords out.

Then, I wrapped up in a blanket and sat in the back in an Adirondack, feet up on a stool, facing the snow-covered Simcoe Mountains immediately north of us. A cool breeze from off the snow kept the air chilly, but wrapped in a light cover, it was wonderful. I read some...and I napped some. I love napping outside and think I'd love to get a hammock.

Most of my life, I saw myself this way: I'd put up a hammock every spring, but, always the workaholic, never take the time to lie in it. And this is the truth. But now, I know I'd enjoy one! On the hill behind our house between two whispering pines....ah!

While sitting out back, I watched the courting of two little birds, are they Starlings? It's spring indeed. The young deer feed on the hill on new little grasses...the birds are mating and later from
our living room window, we watched one start building a nest in a birdhouse I just put in an oak out there.

I came inside and made lunch and then fell asleep in the recliner. Upon waking, I decided to take Quincy for a walk up to the top of the property. Quincy and I watched three turkey buzzards silently checking us out from above.

Such a view from up there! I'd love to have a bench there, too. Maybe I can talk my husband into taking one up tomorrow. He'd need to load it into the wagon towed behind the little lawn tractor.

He will be going for foot surgery in Portland on May 16. We are both so glad this is progressing, he's needed this fixed for years.

I'm leaving in four days (next Wed) for New York and my follow up consult with my surgeon at TCI. I have SOOO many questions, as I've noted before. I need to type those up, maybe tomorrow. I'll be back May 3 and will report as to anything new I've learned.

Tonight was the PBR, one of my favorite shows that comes on almost every weekend. Professional Bull Riders. I'm such a big fan of this sport and have been since the PBR started in the mid-90's. So many of the riders are Christians and give thanks to the Lord each time they are done a ride, whether they make it to the whistle or not. My favorite for several years has been Mike Lee. He's a past world champion and a great witness for the Lord.

So, that's my day in a nutshell. This is the time of year when there is much to be done in the yard. I can only do it in fits and starts, but I've found that this mode of working is successful. I can keep things going, I just can't create anything new to take care of.

My neighbor came over yesterday offering me a jar of pollywogs. She said I'd have to keep them in the house for awhile b/c she'd had them long enough, they were used to warmth inside. And that I needed to feed them shredded lettuce. I declined her offer, I didn't want anything else to care for. One day, I would so love to have a couple of sheep, maybe a mini horse or donkey, some chickens and a couple of rabbits. Have a little mini farm. But I guess I better postpone that plan if I can't commit to pollywogs! ha...

I made an apple crisp this morning and when I cleaned up the parings and cores from the apples, I had the instinctual thought of taking them out to Shadow, my old horse I left behind in California. It's been over a year since I've seen him, or even petted a horse.

Old habits die hard.

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