Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Writings from a Sickbed

I am looking through some notes I wrote down back in April 2004 after I came home from the hospital. Suffering from head/brain injury and not understanding what was happening to me, I remember feeling like I had to write things down, in order to recall them later on.

Here is a note from April 16, a week after my accident:
"Eventually taken to Sierra Vista Hospital by ambulance, I stayed there thru Monday. Yes, I have a lot of pain, yes, I have a lot of confusion and loneliness and emotions, yet, I rejoice--for I know that I will come thru this on the other side a far better person--filled with more compassion for others and more appreciation. God will pull me through for I feel His angels and I see them. Hints of movements of light across an open doorway..."

The Fingerprint
Lying in bed this morning, my white down comforter across my knees, I felt, then saw, a single depression into the comforter, thru to my leg, a definite "touch" -- warm to the feel, gentle, one soft poke, no, nothing quick, more slow, deliberate, and then the finger was taken away. God? An angel? Dad? A message? Like a skittish horse, I'm trying to calm my thought patterns -- no, not about a touch from God, but against the silence, and inner screams of madness that slices my perception on what is real or true.

[note, I have edited this a bit for spelling and comprehension. Many words were misspelled]

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