Monday, October 20, 2008

Storm's movin' in

Weatherwise...dark for snow on the mountain passes. The colors and hues of Fall are delicious and sense-inducing. Acorns on the lawn draw in wild turkey and deer that were gone all summer come back to nibble and taste. Are they all there? The big bucks we saw often in our yard 2 weeks ago have fled somewhere since hunting season was in full force. I hope they made it, too.

The weekend was slow and quiet and nice. Last evening, I picked the last two gladiola spikes from my garden and placed them in an old milkshake can with lots of maroon mums...then a cluster of bright yellow mums for the top of the mantle and a clear vase full of Japanese lanterns and Autumn, my favorite time of year, is fully present in our household. A colorful, autumnal colored saddle blanket set at a diagonal in the middle of the large living room thrills my heart. Little tiny things, making the environment beautiful and luring the senses and eyes, it's the way I've always been and it helps me love the day.

Yesterday, I made an apple crisp and after being outside watching my husband transplant some more little bushes for me and then walking inside, the assault of appley-cinnamony-nutmeggy odors on such a pleasant day, ah such a delight.

Today, I head to my local doctor to discuss my pain meds. I am off the morphine altogether. Taking Percocet every four hours even when I don't want to, meaning, I will always try to push as long as I can between pills. This way, I feel, it does keep me from being dependent on them, and it usually helps to cut down on one pill in the day. But Percocet has acetomeniphen in it and that is hard on the liver, I guess. So, I'm going to discuss if I can get oxycodone, perhaps a stronger dose of it, and no tylenol in it. We'll see.

I am feeling less of the really bad pain because I am doing so little and not walking. This is nice to wake up in the middle of the night and not have that really bad, hip/leg/foot pain. But the last two mornings, I've been alarmingly awakened with a severe charley horse on my calf. I hold my knee and pray to God that it will pass, it feels so severe. And then the leftover pain keeps me awake from then on. But last night, I had an almost solid 6 hour sleep, a gift.

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