Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A lot has happened...

Since I last wrote.

On Sept 25, my husband and I flew down to California for me to be seen by 3 "agreed medical examiners." A neurologist, neuropsychologist and an orthopedist. They were supposed to be giving an opinion on what percentage of disability I am at this time, and if I can be moved to "permanent and stationery."

They all said the same thing: they can't make a determination for P&S if I have a surgery upcoming. I guess it was important that I go and see them in person, but it sure made for an "assault" of a month upon my body and brain!

Right now, I'm typing with difficulty thinking and therefore typing. So, I guess I will close this for now and continue writing later, little bits at a time. My eyes feel cross eyed and it is a struggle to "look" right now.

Happy October, everyone!

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