Friday, November 9, 2007

A bit of a laugh

I keep giggling to myself because of something my husband said the other day.

Last month, I wrote here about a little gift pillow I have that I was going to send away to someone else because it made me sad when I looked at it. It said, "Life without horses? I don't think so!"

I decided to keep the pillow because it fits behind my neck nicely when I'm sitting on the recliner, so I covered it with a pretty mini-print, a pumpkin colored fabric just right for this time of year (can you tell I watch way too much HGTV? Next I'll be calling the pillow a "focal point!")

My husband asked, "Why are you covering it?"

I told him why.

And he said, "Well, just cross out the word "horses" and replace it with "compost."

Life without compost? I don't think so!

Oh, I love how that guy keeps me laughing!


Caroline said...

Ha Ha....thanks for the giggle. Keep your pillow. And when you look at it remember all the wonderful memories and experiences that your years with horses brought you.

Horses are also a big part of why my neck is sooooo messed up. I don't think I would go back and do it differently.

hugs to you.


ps. Go green and compost!

Scott said...

Hmmm . . . it was a horse fall that caused your injury, right? Are you mad at horses now?

By His Grace said...

Hey there,

no Scott, not mad at horses at all! Wasn't his fault. But I get sad when I think about not being with horses the rest of my life, so that pillow was a bit of a haunting, it's covered up until I get some mini horses or something in the future!

Caroline, I totally agree. I wouldn't change a thing!

blessings to all