Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This is a photo taken a couple of months before I broke my neck jumping another horse. This is my little cow-horse, Shadow, who really didn't like jumping (hence, the pin-backed ears) and liked to get it over with as quickly as possible (hence, I'm holding him back from rushing the fence). But he'd do it for me and he was very "handy."

My form is not perfect by any means. But Shadow's is kinda nifty, with those knees perfectly even in front and just a bit of rounding through the back, or "bascule." The horse barn in the background and the arenas are part of the horse complex we created on the last ranch where we worked. This area had been filled with garbage and trashed vehicles and pigpens. We cleaned it up and built a lovely equestrian center where I trained the horses and the riders. It was a lot of fun!

Today, it's starting to get colder. Heading out the door, I threw on a jacket and then looked for my gloves. Searching through coats in the closet, I found a single horse "cookie" in the pocket of my chore coat.

Grief comes at odd times, you know? Even when you think you are just looking for a pair of old gloves.


Caroline said...

Hi, thanks for sharing that great photo of you and Shadow. You're right about grief over things we did in our "former lives" it comes at odd times. I get a pang whenever my "Canadian Nurse" magazine comes in the mail. *sigh*

I hope packing is on schedule and going well. You must be getting excited, nervous and anxious to get going. You are in my prayers for a successful surgery and big improvements following.



By His Grace said...

Caroline, thanks so much!! Maybe I'll find a way to post here on my blog while in NY so my readers will know how things are going. If nothing else, I could call you and you could post a comment!

I know you were/are such a dedicated and loving nurse to all those babies you used to care for. God has a plan for your future, as well as mine. Someday, we'll look back on these early days of our disability and understand why our trails had to change course.

love and hugs
yer pal