Friday, November 2, 2007

Oh, me of little faith!

The 35 mile road through the spectacular scenery that holds our attention as we drive to our nearest "shopping town" today led us back to the cancer center where I had my 4th pamidronate IV infusion. It took 3 hours. The time went by so quickly as I visited with a nurse who was new to me (a sister in the Lord) and with an elderly woman who was receiving chemo in the recliner across from me.

After the treatment, I next went to the nearby hospital to have the suspicious bump on my chest wall ultrasounded ... again. As past posts revealed, the first time it was done, the man only took about 30 seconds and hurried through it and it did not feel like he was imaging the area where the bump actually is...and I was laying on the table on my back.

My oncologist wanted me to have it done again only this time, standing. I had a wonderful technician this time and she listened to me, made me feel comfortable, and took a lot of time doing the ultrasound in the supine position, upright and also sitting. She could "see" the bump and she also turned the monitor my way and explained what we were looking at. The bump IS there (it is not just a fold of fat like the first radiologist said) but it looks like it is consistent with the rest of the tissue under the skin in the area.

I was told that the radiologist, after looking at today's scans, wanted me to know that I really should not worry about what her report would say.

PHEW! I almost didn't go, I didn't want to see that first tech-guy again, and I felt foolish having something scanned again that everyone felt was not there. This woman honored me, she said the bump was unusual, and she really gave it a good going-over.

NOW, I am happy and can readily accept the word that it is nothing to worry about, just tissue (tho why it's there, I have no idea. It is still about the size of a walnut)....

SO< oh me of little faith! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. Thank You Lord for the good report expected.


Zipperhead said...

I am so glad someone was much more thorough this time!

Rest easy, friend.

By His Grace said...

Thanks ZH!! The bump or knot is still there...but I guess it's just an anomaly and anyway, I have more to think about right now with surgery just 2 weeks away. You are an old hand at this, but I'm a surgery-virgin!

hugs to you!

Cleo said...

Just thought I should let you know that I have a similar bump between my breasts. I've had it for a couple of years. Recently had a large cyst aspirated, but nothing done to the fatty lump or whatever it is.

Glad that it turned out to be benign.

As for being a surgery virgin, the one having the surgery has it the easiest. We just go to sleep and wake up, while our loved ones wait and wait.

I'm keeping you in my prayers!