Thursday, November 8, 2007

packing for tethered cord surgery

I'm starting to pack for my upcoming trip to NY for my TCS. Thankfully, my friend who will be having her fusion surgery at the same time has previously had the TCS surgery, so she is helpfully giving me lots of tips in what to pack.

Today, I bought a light robe, a bottle of no-rinse shampoo/body wash, cough drops, a couple of "hoodies" that button up in front (people who have had this surgery already have told me that you really hurt too much post-op to be putting on shirts over your head).

I'm packing sweats that are a size too big to wear home on the plane because I'm told the swelling from "gas" during surgery will still be present. Plus, this will be much more comfortable on the lower back where the incision will be. Not to mention just how plain fashionable I'll look in them!

Several pair of pajamas, some button front shirts, a good book to read, "wet wipes." Oh, and flexible straws for drinking while at the motel after being released from the hospital. My surgeon wants me to stick around town for a few days post-op to be sure everything is going well before boarding the plane for the long, 10.5 hour trip home. And that doesn't count the 2 hour car ride home from the last airport. It'll be a long day!

I'll pack my ice gel paks, too. With hopes my motel room has a refrigerator in it. Maybe I better call and make sure that is going to be a sure thing. 4 days stuck in a room would definitely be better if I could keep things cool and especially those gel paks!

The time is creeping up on me. I leave on the 18th, just 10 more days to go.


Cleo said...

I use the gel ice packs when I travel, too. You might want to include an old fashioned ice pack. Motels always have ice.

My last trip to Bremerton, WA took a whole bag of ice that I kept in a cooler.

I'll be thinking about you and praying. One day we'll get together again.

I love ya!


Zipperhead said...

What kind of shoes are you taking? You won't be bending much, not with the pain and sutures. Slip-on are best.

I'm not sure if you'veseen my ADL helpers list but I RAVE about my EZLaces. They're elastic but NOT the funky curly-cue ones. Set them upone time and never touch them again. So my sneakers are slip-ons now and are super-comfy and I don't have to bend.

By His Grace said...

Hey, gals...cleo, thanks for the prayers and yes, we will definitely get together again, I'm shootin' for Jan. 2009!! If not before!

loveya too.

Zippy, good idea on the shoes. I always wear slip ons, I have some leather ones with elastic sections and they have been working well for me. It's good to know that my shoes will be just what I need.
loveya too!