Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dreams and bone scan

Indulging myself tonight, I reread my account of my dream early this morning. I'd never written down a dream in such a way with so much detail, even down to thoughts I was thinking as scenes were acted out.

It is interesting how our psyches can take true physical pain and incorporate it somehow into a dream. The pain was very real and felt as if it came from the piercing fangs of a hungry lion. I had tried to do a little bit extra yesterday and had shoveled snow, lightly, for 15 minutes. Then, I'd walked just across my back yard through six inches of snow. Both activities extremely light-duty...yet the effect was the intense groin pain that developed after I went to sleep and then, brains being what they are, mine used the real sensation as a basis for a very strange dream indeed. I've always dreamed long sagas anyway.

Today, I went for my bone scan and the technician told me that she didn't think my osteopenia is really bad or that I have really brittle bones. I have it...but she didn't think it was terrible. She ran off copies of the data and the report and gave it to me. Arriving home, I dug out my last DEXA in November of 2006. It took me a while to figure out how to compare the results of both tests but after finding a good site online which explained things, I can easily see that I have experienced some improvement in my bone density!

This is a very big thing for a post-menopausal woman. Surely the Actonel I've ingested for four years combined with the six months of super-duper bone enhancing pamidronate have done the job intended, and my bone loss has been reversed. I will know more for certain after I talk to my oncologist on Feb. 11, but I feel sure he will be reporting the same good news. Also, I can see where this is good news for the pre-condition for multiple myeloma that I have. Good, good news. Thank you, Jesus.

I really needed this confidence-boosting report. I need to get my mind on track toward the fusion surgery, the halo, and getting better and getting on with my life.

I was also rereading a letter written by my neurosurgeon to my insurance company, where he mentioned the "spectacular results" of my diagnostic "at home cervical traction" test. That brought back to my remembrance how good I did feel for 45 minutes post traction, practically normal!

God is good!

Goodnight, gentle readers, I hope you can fall asleep tonight with a smile on your face.


Roz said...

Just stopping by to say Hello . Take care . Roz

Caroline said...

Hi V,

I'm so glad to hear that your bone scan was the good news you were hoping and praying for. God is good!

Sorry I've been a stranger lately but I have been feeling the worst ever. Even being upright has been a struggle. The fall and blow to the head really flared things up for me. I have been icing my neck, doing cervical traction and taking anti inflammatories and it finally seems to be settling back down.

Do you have a date yet for your fusion? I guess it a go now that your bone density is looking so good.

So glad to hear that you are doing well. Big hugs to you,