Friday, January 11, 2008

Last pamidronate treatment...

Yesterday, I went to the cancer center and got my last infusion of pamidronate, a treatment to strengthen my bones (due to my osteopenia) so that the fusion can hopefully take place.

The staff there is wonderful, many of them are Christians. I asked Penny, who started the IV, to take my photo for my blog. She said she'd never been asked to take a photo there before!

Starting the IV was the most painful I've ever had. I've had SO many IVs in the last 8 months and it started getting to the point that all nurses were having trouble finding the vein. Penny tried inside my left wrist where the vein was very pronounced, but she didn't get any blood to come out, so she poked it around looking to puncture the vein. That hurt so badly, just burned. She pulled it out and decided to try on the top of my wrist, a new place for me, and it hurt like heck too, but she got the job done. She said she felt my nerves were right close to the veins and she was poking them and that was why it hurt.

I visited with a few nurses as they passed my cubicle. This is a cancer center where most people are receiving chemo. The nurses are the most caring and respectful of anywhere I've been. Odd to say, but I'll miss them.

Next, a bone density scan scheduled for Jan. 30, then an appointment with my hematologist/oncologist on Feb. 11. Sometime before I see him, I need to go in and have my blood drawn for my protein levels to be checked (for the pre-cancerous condition I have). When those things are all done and checked off and my hematologist says it looks favorable to go for the fusion surgery in NY, I will then get on the schedule.

Blessings, gentle reader

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Caroline said...

Good to see you looking so well. I am glad to see this post b/c I was just wondering this morning how it was going with building your bone up before the fusion. I guess you won't know until your bone density test? I am praying for good numbers with all of your upcoming tests.