Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shouldn't have spoken so soon...

On Friday, I posted how well I was feeling. I should know better!

It seems like this weekend, the "neuro-buzzing" pain that seems to emanate from my central core (the surgery site) came back in semi-full force. I've gone back to taking the stronger pain meds in order to keep that all under control, and also to help with the occipital pain.

I wanted to update this and record it correctly because I know there are several readers who are considering going to TCI for the Tethered Cord Surgery and I want to be honest about what I'm going through. I still sense many benefits, but as I've written before, it was the first of a two part surgical treatment and I need to get stronger and have the fusion done before I will experience the full benefit.

And also keep in mind that my tethered cord was an extreme situation (according to the surgeons, and if the length of the surgery was any indication) so perhaps it will take longer for me to get through the recovery. Those I've talked to who have already had the TC surgery do not report having had the deep, painful, buzzing that I had and still experience.

But I'm still doing okay. Night time is the worst and going to bed and sleeping through until morning (with a trip or two to the bathroom) seems like a distant memory.

I'll just keep puttin' that one foot in front of the other, and lettin' you know how it goes.


kiminfl said...

V - I'm so sorry to read of your continued struggles. Although my surgery was much different than yours, I do remember the recovery process as being one step forward, then maybe one to the side, maybe one back, then two forward again. It's a rough journedy for sure. Know that so many are praying for your continued improvement with each new day! Be blessed my friend, Kim

By His Grace said...

Kim, all of that info really helps. Thanks so much!!~ My prayers are with you, as well.
Our God is so good!