Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Do I attract them or what?????

What a story this will be to follow the one I wrote previously.

Today, I was in the grocery store. I was wearing my Aspen collar. I slowly worked my way through the aisles (grocery shopping is a challenge because of the shelves and people and thing, I get nauseous and dizzy and confused easily) and as I came down one aisle, it ended at the FRONT of a check out line. My choices were to go back way up the aisle, across two, to end up back at the proper place in the checkstand, or...

There was a woman in the line at the checkstand. She'd already checked out because her daughter (or whoever she was) in front of her with a different basket was paying for all of it. The woman had one small rolled up carpet in the basket.

No one was behind her. She looked healthy, about 75.

I smiled and asked her if she could just back up a step or two, then I could squeak past her.

You won't believe this.

She said, "Why don't you just go back up that aisle and back the way you came?" But it wasn't a question, it was a statement. The words said, "I'm not moving." No, the words said a lot more than that to me, but I'm trying to be gracious here.

I admit it, I snapped back to her, "Because I am disabled and that's a long way! But never mind!" I turned my basket around and on my painful feet, went back up the aisle and ended up right behind her to begin checking out.

I wasn't sneaking in front of anyone in line. I wasn't trying to cheat her out of her place. Her daughter had already paid for the carpet in her basket. She only had to take one step backward (because her daughter's cart was blocking any forward movement) for me to slip past her and save who knows how many steps for me. I had asked with a nice smile.

I can't believe it! She had a grandson who worked there, I guess, he came up and "Oh grandma, I love you," all sweet and she was so sweet back to him. I was incredulous. I asked the checker when he was taking my credit card, "Can you believe what that woman said to me?"

I'm still so unbelieving. How could someone be so cruel?

Yes, later on, I prayed for her, but it took me awhile. I'm still (inwardly) shaking my head over it.

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