Friday, May 23, 2008

It's a full time job being sick...

Today I:

1)set up an appointment with the orthotics place to pick up my Johnson CTO (72 miles away)
2) Called the local senior transportation place to arrange travel to Orthotic appt on next Friday, plus the cancer center in different direction next Wed, plus for my husband's surgeon appt in Portland for next Thursday.
3) Called the local PT people to schedule appt for next Thursday while my dh is in Portland
4) wrote these all down on the 2 calendars we use at home, plus wrote them down in list form (easier for me to use for some reason)
5) Call the cancer ctr to get instructions again on the procedure for the 24 hour urine collection I will have to do next Tuesday before I go in next Wed for the 3 hour IV drip
6) Got together the scripts written by tCi for the PT and still need to find the authorization for it all, in preparation for next Thursday's PT appt.
7) called my PCP to get an appt for June to discuss all of this, plus he needs to see me again before he will fill more pain meds.
8) Located the bag with the stuff needed for the 24 hour urine collection so that is ready
9) called cancer ctr to see if they got work comp authorization for the pamidronate trx on the 28th.

All of this requires PHONE (blech), turning back and forth on my desk which makes me very dizzy and confused. Each one also takes multiple steps. I learned this from my wonderful speech therapist 4 years ago. You might say, I only had to set up an appt! And it really wreaked havoc with me!

And she would point out, "well, what steps did you have to take?
1)find the doc's number
2) close office door to keep noise out while calling
3) dial phone and listen to messages and then talk with receptionist.
4) look at and consider calendar for appt date
5) firm up appt
6) enter onto calendar

I had to use abstract thinking and reasoning, too, not my strong suit since my TBI.

So...keeping track of this stuff is alot of work!! pant, pant.... Those of you with these conditions PLUS you have children with this stuff, too? NO wonder you are stressed! God bless you!

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