Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feeling some improvement

I am not sure why, but I am starting to feel "some" improvement in my recovery from my spinal cord detethering. Even though it is minimal, I'll take all I can get!

I am going on six months post op. Anyone reading here regularly knows it's been a tough road for me. However, the last three nights, I have slept all night in the same bed (usually get up and ramble around the house after taking a pain med, then go fall asleep in the guest room so as not to wake up my husband). Three nights in a row! Must be a record of some kind!

Also, I am not feeling that horrible burning on the sides of my hips like I was. I am still doing things, especially some stuff outside gardening, pulling a weed or two. I expect to feel that hip-burning at night....but I haven't been! Perhaps it is a sign things are healing. Perhaps it's because I stopped walking across the road in the woods, because Dr. B told me I should be walking on hard surfaces. Whatever it is, it is definitely a welcome improvement!


Caroline said...

Hey V, great to hear you are seeing some improvements. I know everyone that has the de-tethering says that patience is so important as it can take a year to truly see the benefits.



Anonymous said...

V, So glad to read the good news that you've found a bit of improvement...definitely cause for celebration!...I know "recovery" is a long journey. I've only got 4 months until my 2 year post op milestone which will mean "maximum surgical benefit"...I look forward to this but also have some un-ease about what it will mean. Hope is a HUGE factor on this journey and I pray you continue to have yours in abundance and ALL WILL BE WELL! AMEN! Be blessed my friend, Kim