Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meeting with Dr. Fu

Today, I met with my hematologist/oncologist to discuss my super-dooper-Binford2000-new&improved bone enhancement treatment plan. I actually use the old stuff, pamidronate via 3 hour IV drip, for my bone-buildup. It is what works for me in my situation with the pre condition to multiple myeloma.

I explained what Dr. B had requested when I saw him last week. Dr. Fu is right on the ball with what we'll do in order to give me the best bones that I can have.

IV pamidronate treatment once every 3 months.
A Bone Scan again in a few months (I had one a few months ago).

So, combining this with what Dr. B told me, we'll see how it looks after a year, see if progress continues on the scan or if it plateaus. Watch how I'm doing. It's the best we can do. Dr. B says I will benefit, as well, from the new hardware they are just now beginning to use.

My life right now feels to be starting to spin faster than I want it to. Lots of doctor appts again (I had a few quiet months); new braces and equipment and therapies; plus my husband is having foot surgery soon. I don't know, suddenly my brain seems over full and I wonder if I can deal with it all.

But from past experience, I know I just need to take baby steps with the Father holding my hand and trust, trust, trust.

It's odd, but since my tethered cord surgery, I compare everything to that. If I need to do something I'm unsure of, I remind myself that I went to NY alone to have a major surgery and I survived, I got through it. It was rough, but I made it. I can hardly believe I did! So, I know I can make it through all of what's ahead.

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Caroline said...

V. I'm glad you have your lovely Dr. Fu. He sounds like a good guy. Isn't it funny how appts seem to come in waves? This happens for me too and it does start to feel a bit overwhelming. for a while there I felt like one of the crew on the ferry b/c I was on it so much!

hugs to you,