Wednesday, September 26, 2007

As Time Goes By

So, more time has gone by since I last reported the results of my little walk yesterday. I noticed throughout this day another impact. Normally, I need to urinate about 10x a day, and 2-3 times a night. This is due to the trauma done to my spineToday, I am sure I have had to go about 15x. I imagine this is the irritation done to my tethered cord from the walk. I can look at all symptoms today and from my experience of the last few years, I can say that they are the result of over-doing it yesterday.

Right now, I have very painful, weak legs, especially in my thighs. But it's not a muscle or bone pain, it is neurological.

This is something to be learned about central nerve pain resulting from spinal cord damage. If you do something that is going to flare up symptoms, you won't feel the results immediately. It will take 24 hours to 2 full days before the symptoms will kick in.

If you hike a mountain and you are out of shape, that night, you will feel the pain in your muscles. And it will last a day or two. With central nerve pain, you might not feel the results of your "joy ride" right away. You might wait even two days before the flare kicks in. Long enough for you to have forgotten about your misdemeanor and you find yourself wondering "Why am I feeling so rotten?"

Today, I did a little chore that required me to hyperextend my neck (chin upwards). This will always be my downfall because of my bifocals and trying to see through the bottom part of my lenses. I should not have even attempted to do what I did today (a household chore), which also really overtaxed my deltoids...and I knew better, but when I want something done, I know I am going to do it, if I can.

I expect the flare up of neurological symptoms to arrive in a couple of days, maybe sooner. Til then, I have the payback I'm experiencing from my little "hike" to deal with.

Needless to say, I did not venture even to the front gate today. That walk of perhaps 100 feet seemed like the Iditarod to me!

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